What is it you ask? Short, sweet and to the purpose it is just a merchandise that is being sold in rainbow loom bracelet kits. It includes latex free rubber bands of just about all main colors, c-clips, a plastic loom plus a hook used to help weave these rubber bands together. The way this works is simply by having the plastic loom in the up right positions marked by arrows on the surface of the loom itself and placing the rubber bands around the plastic pins as to what ever patter you want. There must be a patter to the weaving to function but don't worry if you don't know any. There is a lot of documentation online and you'll discover information about patters and also videos showing you the way to utilize the product or service. After the rubber bands are common attached then you use the hook tool to hook the right rubber bands together plus a c-clip to get in touch each side of the bracelet. At this point you are done with the bracelet.