This is another new rainbow loom bracelet design created by Rob at Justin's Toys, aptly named twin stripes. It debuts the MONSTER TAIL® which is a new mini loom that is scheduled to release in mid-april, 2014 and is an official Choon's Design product. This video highlights some of the capabilities of the new loom and we will continue to release advanced tutorials on designs on this new loom.

The twin stripe bracelet appears to 3 rows of fishtails with two stripes down the center, bordered by a set of fishtails on both sides. This design will also be released on the regular loom, but the monster tail makes it easier and minimizes the “stretch” on the outside bands.

To calculate the number of sequences you need (one sequence is 4 bands), take the length of your wrist in inches and divide it by .18 (round up).

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