We were commissioned to make something extravagant on the Rainbow Loom, so with Dwayne Modedspec – facebook.com/modedspec – we successfully made the world's largest rainbow loom mural(as of 6/24/14).

Using approximately 42,000 bands, we took an image of a mermaid, pixelated it, and Dwayne meticulously placed and looped each pixel of the mural on, one by one. The writing was drawn out by Rob and added to the top of the mural and the whole thing is clipped with a single set of slip knotted bands.

With no exaggeration, this rainbow loom mural took over 100 hours and completed, it measures 30.25 x 37 inches (0.76835 m L x 0.9398 H) and weighs over 10 lbs.

Dwayne has won the Loom Star award from Rainbow Loom for his work on this mural. Currently, Dwayne is working on an even larger rainbow loom project for MaxLove so this will only hold the “world's largest” title temporarily. For more information on the MaxLove project, goto: http://maxloveproject.org/

Please donate any extra bracelets you may have to:

MaxLove Project, PO BOX 105, Tustin, CA 92781