The symphony rainbow loom bracelet was originally design by Jay Alvarez. instagram @jaysalvarez

In this tutorial, we show you how to make the symphony bracelet using 3 rainbow looms that are connected together. It is a 4 by 2 setup and may require an extension.

This bracelet is made up of 3 layers:
1st layer is the border
2nd layer creates a sort of clover shape on one side, with a zig zag in the center and stripes along the middle border on the other side
3rd layer is the inner body of the design

This same bracelet can look completely different just by selecting different colors and the possibilities are endless. Also, it its most basic state, there is a method to make it looked ruffled, but that is prevented by applying the sailor's pinstripe variation method on the two center horizontal bands on one side of the stitch.

To calculate how many pegs you need to go in, take the length of your wrist in inches and multiply it by 4.25. If this number is above 26, you will need to make an extension similar to the starburst extension.