Level: Advanced – Snake Belly Bracelet

Snake Belly Bracelet

If there ever was a hard Rainbow Loom Bracelet to create, this bracelet video we're about to show you is one of the most difficult rainbow loom bracelet that exists at the present time. It will requires about 5 to 7 rainbow looms to create. If you make one error and break a band you will most likely have to start the project again. This master creation was too difficult to record an instructional video that would explain it step by step, so the video we are about to show you will be with Jace from Justin's Toys showing you how to make one in a overview video. If you follow along and pay attention carefully, you might be able to pick up some steps and be able to learn how to make one for yourself. The bracelet takes over 400 rubber bands and at least an hour to create it.

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