Lucy and the Magic Loom: A Rainbow Loomer’s Adventure Story

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Meet Lucy—twelve years old, missing her best friend, and just waiting for an adventure to come her way. When Lucy discovers a mysterious package at her front door, she’s certain it’s meant for her. Never mind to whom it’s addressed. She unties the green string and tears open the simple brown paper to reveal a loom—a golden magic loom. The magic loom leads her to a dusty bookcase and through a secret passageway, into an enchanted world.

This new world is filled with implausible creatures, castles, and vast, colorful landscapes. Lucy quickly encounters several challenges that she can only overcome with the help of her loom. She’ll want to build a bridge, distract a giant beast, fly above an entire forest, and rescue a girl trapped in a castle.

Lucy must use her imagination and a large number of creativity to get a hold of solutions so they can work. She should focus on her mission and never surrender, even when things seem inconceivable. This story rewards kindness and generosity, and emphasizes the importance of friendship and helping others. And for any young reader who loves the Rainbow Loom, this can be a story to get them excited about reading, too! Discover a new adventure series with Rainbow Looms!

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