Loom Band It: 60 Rubberband Projects for the Budding Loomineer

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Crafting for kids is back in a large way, but don't take our word for it. Just check the arms, fingers, and even feet of kids around the nation. They are all wearing super funky accessories made of multicolored rubber bands! Woven by hand, or with a small reasonably priced loom, rubber band crafts are the recent craze, inspiring both girls and boys to put down their digital devices and start looming unique items to wear, share, and sell.

Loom Band It offers 60 unique rubber band projects, from bracelets and charms to cell phone sleeves and sandals. The authors also give readers an introduction to the world of loomineering (as they refers to the preferred craft), basic techniques for the usage of the loom, and instructions for a number of patterns like fishtail, hexafish, ladder, and double braid. Kids and grownups who are new to looming, and people who want to expand their projects, will find tons of inspiration and instruction in this book.

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