Copyright © Justin's Toys, 2013 – Rerecording this video tutorial will result in a copyright strike. This bracelet was originally designed by Rob @ Justin's Toys.
In this video, I am teaching how to make a Heart Charm out of nothing but rubber bands. This design requires two looms. The charm itself had 26 bands – 10 on the border and 16 bands in the center. It can be connected using any style of bracelet, just swap out the classic single double in this video with any other bracelet on the starting peg of the charrm. All of the bands applied in this video are DOUBLE LOOPED or TRIPLE LOOPED. You can make a ring out of this charm or a necklace, the trick is to make sure half of the band is made in advance and transferred over the starting peg on the charm. If you have any questions, please look below to see if anyone has already asked the same question. If they have not, I will answer. Thanks for viewing and if you can, share the knowledge.

For those of you complaining about broken bands, please use official Rainbow Loom © or Choon's Designs bands as all other brands have been tested and do not have the same elasticity to actually hold.