Things to do at Rainbow Loom Sale

Things to do at Rainbow Loom Sale

Rainbow Loom Hangouts!

So you've been looking for some cool places to hang out with other Rainbow Loomer fans on the Internet who love making and creating Rainbow Loom Bracelet crafts just like you. Well we are here to help you get started by telling you about these cool places and where to find them. We'll show you the best places where you can chat, post pictures of your awesome loom creations and watch tutorials.

If you like and have a Pinterest account, Rainbow Loom Sale has the coolest and biggest Loom boards on Pinterest. We also have group boards where you can be apart of the fun and post pictures or tutorials of your cool creations. Here's is the link to get you started. Rainbow Loom Pinterest! Make sure you follow all of our boards then send a message of email us at and tell us what board you would like to Pin to.

If you have a Google+ account you also can find us here and also subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

Subscribe to our Twitter account and get the latest happening news in the Rainbow Loom community.

When you run out of Loom supplies make sure you come here to Rainbow Loom Sale where they have the most awesome collection of Loom related products on the internet.


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December 3, 2014

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