The Mini Global bracelet was design by Suzanne H B – instagram @crazyjustmightwork.
The mini Global is just the capped (double looped) variation of the Global rainbow loom bracelet, but this one twist(pun intended) make for a complete change in appearance.

The mini Global consist of 3 parts which include the links, inside regular and inside “bump” bands. The “bump” bands hold the links together and by doing so, they bump out a little bit.

It is very important to keep track of which part of the sequence you are on. Failure to keep track will result in inconsistent link sizes which will decrease the appeal of your completed bracelet.

The mini global is made on 4 pins so it could be made on the rainbow loom and monster tail. It is considered an advanced design because it requires extreme attention to order.

We would recommend choosing a color or sequence of colors for the inside and links.

All of the bands used in this tutorial are official rainbow loom brand bands and these same exact bands can be purchased at