Rainbow Loom Bracelets have become the latest fad with school aged kids and the many creations they're making are just amazing. They craft the Rainbow Loom Bracelet by trial and error or just follow along to the hundreds of Rainbow Loom Patterns and Rainbow Loom Instructions that are out there on the internet. Some kids will use anywhere from 1 to 5 looms to create these Loom Bands. The Rainbow Loom Kit comes with the plastic loom, loom hook, c-clips and hundreds of multi-colored stretchy rubber bands which will allow your child to make awesome loom bracelets, charms and have fun spending hours on end doing it. 

The most basic bracelets styles are very easy to make, and most kids will be able to pickup the crafting skill in less than an hour. All they need is a little dexterity to use the loom hook to wrap and hook the elastic rubber bands. The Loom Kits and supplies are available in on our website. We use the Amazon Market Place to search and find the latest and best Rainbow Loom sales, bargains and deals. Check our Deals link at the top of the page to find the lowest priced supplies. 

Also check out new Rainbow Loom Patterns and Rainbow Loom Instructions that we are adding weekly. You can do a name search to find the bracelet your looking for or just click on the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced button to view only those type bracelets.

Happy Looming!