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Introducing CutiTape™ the Finest thing to use as a substitute of masking tape about your fingers. CutiTape is the Finest thing for H2o Marbling, Stamping, Sponging and also as a Foundation Coat for Glitter Nail Polish and Difficult to Clear away Nail Polishes! Electronic mail me at to acquire your really individual bottle and grow to be a CutiGirl!

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1. Pour room temperature drinking water into a disposable cup or a glass cup or even a shot glass, just about to the major. Open up all bottles of polish and position them in just attain. The purpose you have your nail polishes completely ready is simply because you will have to work pretty immediately.

2. Drop 1 or two drops of polish onto the surface area of the drinking water. The nail polish should really spread out and make a circle on the drinking water. If it drops to the bottom without making a circle on the surface area, test a unique nail polish. This coloration is your foundation coloration for the marble influence, indicating it will show the most. (Consider not to maintain your brush to substantial or the polish will fall to the bottom and also use a polish that is slim) FYI, thicker nail polishes are likely to have challenges spreading in the drinking water.

three. Drop 1 or two drops of your second coloration of nail polish on major of your foundation coloration. It should really produce a more compact circle on major of your foundation coloration. (Yet another suggestion, if you polish isn't going to spread effortlessly you can also test to shake your cup or glass a bit to assistance the approach)

four. Keep on with each and every coloration that you would like to add to the influence. You can use many hues or you can use only two or three hues, repeating each and every coloration at minimum as soon as in the very same get.

five. Drag the suggestion of an orange stick/tooth decide/protection pin by means of the circles of polish to produce the marble influence. Start out at the middle and drag the suggestion toward the outer edge. Reverse this for a lot more swirls.

6. Insert your nail. The nail polish will adhere to your nail.

seven. Use a Q-Idea or an orange stick/tooth picks to remove the excess nail polish on major of the drinking water. Carefully remove tape or use nail polish remover and cotton swabs to thoroughly clean about your nail.

8. Wait around for your nail to wholly dry and apply a major coat.

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