Learn how to make a Super Cra-Z-Loom Heart Cuff Bracelet

I created this design from the instruction leaflet which was included in the pack.

Build your creativity with the Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Super Cra-Z- Loom from Cra-Z-Art. Design and make cool, colourful, cuff bracelets, phone cases, banners and more.

The Super Cra-Z-Loom comes with an instruction booklet that uses step by step illustrations and photos to help you create simple to more advanced creations. The unique 6 row loom helps you create super wide projects. Also included in the pack is a bonus chevron rubber band loom to help you create a variety of bracelets and is also good for travelling or if you would like to do your looming whilst on holiday.

Each Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Super Cra -Z- Loom contains the following.

1 Double Wide Loom
1 Hook
1 Double Ended Hook
16 Prong Loom
2200 Latex free rubber bands various colours
1 String
Approximately 8 Buttons
40 ā€œSā€ clips
Easy to follow lettering templates and instructions
Plus Bonus Chevron rubber band loom



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