The Mini Fish Scale was designed by Christine – instagram @ loomiemama

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a mini fish scale on the moster tail. It is just the miniature version of the fish scale which is featured on our site. Originally, this design was made horizontally on the rainbow loom, but Rob figured out how to make it vertically, so you can make it on a single rainbow loom or monster tail. This method could also be used to make the original fishsscale on one loom.

In this tutorial we feature the triple capped version of the mini fish scale, but you can make a double capped version, simply by placing double capped(looped) bands instead of triple capped bands.

The possibility for color schemes is endless but I like to choose high contrast scales next to each other.

This is a very advanced design and since the bracelet is so thick, you do not want to wear this tight. Each sequence in this bracelet takes 10 bands. To calculate the number of sequences you need for this bracelet to fit, take the length of your wrist in inches and multiply it by 3.1.

The bands used for the bracelet made in this tutorial are official rainbow loom brand bands and the colors are:

glitter gold from the enchanted glitter mix
glitter white from the enchanted glitter mix
jelly gold

they can be purchased at