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The Granny Square is SO versatile that I wanted to share SOME of the things that I have been doing with it. Generally, for these designs, I would recommend using the double banding to make them stiffer.

We can make an awesome little cube by stitching all the edges together.

We can make a fantastic little box with an opening lid!

We can make super cute nesting boxes by increasing rows on the square!

We can have an amazing open top box!

We can also unbelievably have a BALL from them by using specific stitching and turning it inside out! Crazy!

I also show the difference when closing between the different loops!

I love all these ideas! And there are so many more! I hope it inspires you to whip up one of them or an idea of your own!

Band Requirements:

Double Banded Single Crochet Granny with Two Rounds:

1st: 45 bands
2nd: 73 bands

^^^^^^^That's per square.

Approximately 144 bands to stitch the entire thing closed.