Hi everyone!

Today I will be showing you how I decorated these AWESOME canvas shoes! If you'd like to see more canvas shoe tutorials doing the Trick Your Kicks challenge, click this playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5E0XSNEQ8fvQ30XHFkkRqCHrYYZdEOOP

Materials I used:
*Canvas shoes by imagin8, exclusively sold at Michael's
*Tulip Fabric Markers, also available at Michael's
*Tissue paper or newspaper

If you decorate your own shoes, be sure to post them on Instagram to #TrickYourKicks and #TutorialsByA! I can't wait to see all the shoes you all have made! You can also follow and tag @ilovetocreate and @michaelstores!

I painted my nails with shellac/gel polish and, oops, one popped off **insert laughing face**

Love all around,

WHAT'S THAT RED STUFF AROUND MY MOUTH? I have a skin condition called perioral dermatitis. It causes dry, peeling, itchy, and red skin around my mouth. There is no known cause or cure, just my luck! No need to worry, it's not life-threatening or contagious (except we're not really in person right now sooo….), and I have seen my doctor about it, but feel free to ask me any questions you have about it in the comments!

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