Where to buy Rainbow Loom BandsWhere to buy Rainbow Loom Bands

Have you ever seen grown women wrestle each other to the ground? Well if you have been out searching the stores for the Rainbow Loom miniature colored bands and accessories it‘s possible you could have. We share where to buy Rainbow Loom Bands.

The search for Rainbow Loom rubber bands is a big ordeal and grown Mom’s all across the nation are on the hunt to find these bright multi-colored creations whether it’s for a school event, Girl Scouts or a Rainbow Loom birthday party. Motivated by their child’s passion for this popular item these ladies will not let anything stop or get in there way to score some of these bands.

The other day my 10 year old daughter hopped off the bus with a newly crafted Rainbow Loom bracelet by her friend Jaya. “Look what Jaya made me today!” Now I want to make one for her to”. She said she was running out of rubber bands and asked if I could go to the store to get some more.

Well there you go! The next day while she was at school, I headed out the door and headed to the craft store to see if I could find some of these elusive bands. The first stop was a little local craft store, but when I got inside the store, there were 3 women already inside scooping up the last few packages of bands. Rats! The next stop was Michaels Craft store. STRUCK GOLD! They still had a pretty large quantity of packs in a multitude of various colors. But first I had to get through the mob of people who also had the same idea as me getting there early to get some bands. The women were literally grabbing at the packs of the rubber bands like zombies on Halloween. Well. That didn’t stop me so I dove straight in and managed to come out of the pile with 8 shiny new packs. Whew! I think I did a good job. I scored Green, Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Orange and White packs.

Well, when my girl arrived home from school that day I was anxious to show her the packs of bands I picked up at the store. She then proceeds to tell me she was happy with all the bands I had brought home but, in order for her to make the starburst bracelet she wanted to make, she would need the pink and yellow bands to.

Thank You Amazon!

I wasn’t about to head out to the store again only to find that they would be sold out when I got there, so I decided to look online. What a great idea that was because my search took me to the Amazon store where they have tons and tons of Rainbow Loom Kits, Rubber Bands and Accessories and they deliver them right to your front door.

Next time you need to stock up on Rainbow Loom supplies Amazon is definitely the place to shop to you drop.

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Where to buy Rainbow Loom Bands


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Where to buy Rainbow Loom Bands


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