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Another fantastic Happy Food is here! The Happy Watermelon Slice! (I say slice because I'm still trying to get that half, lol.)

This is hopefully an easier design. Hardly any wrapped bands to contend with! There is some reducing to do, but hopefully you will find it easy!

I do loom this as a “growing up” design, but I turn it inside out when done. You can leave either side out to your preference. 🙂

Band Requirements:

Total: 278+

110 green (40 of that can be the lighter green color if you like)
36 white
132 red (or whatever color for the watermelon)

2 cheek color bands
1-3 bands for the mouth and eyes (or use 7mm pony beads for eyes)

+ bands for any seeds you want to add

I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to keep hash tagging them to #feelinspiffyhappyfood .

Thank you so much for all your support and love! It means a lot! 🙂