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I LOVE how this Happy Pop Tart turned out! I figured out what I believe to be a new technique to get rid of the transition lines when you have the bumpy side out on my 3-D designs! So Awesome!

In figuring that out, we are able to keep what I think is is the cuter side out. It is a bit fussy at times to do this, but the end result is sweet!

I know this may seem simple to many people, but there really was a lot of though involved to get this to look just right which is always what I strive for.

I hope you enjoy it too and will share it with me on one of my social media sites or by hash tagging it to #feelinspiffyhappyfood ! 🙂

Band requirements:

Cookie part: 230
Frosting Part: 56
Eyes & mouth: 1-3 (depends if you use 7mm pony beads for eyes)
Cheeks: 2 pink
Sprinkles: Just depends on how many you want. 🙂