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One of the most highly requested items is here! The fantastically amazing Happy Pineapple! I absolutely love how this cutie turned out!

Made all on one loom again and it is a “growing up” design too!

This one does take some wrapped bands but I think that it gives it an amazing texture and look! Just like a real pineapple!

I go through the band requirements in the tutorial, so if something doesn't make sense below, check the beginning of the tutorial for more information.

As always, continue to hash tag your happy foods to #feelinspiffyhappyfood ! I'm checking them often! So adorable! 🙂

I use dark green, mango and jelly green in the tutorial, but you are free to use whatever colors you like to personalize it to you! The band requirements will be explained in mango and jelly though, just so it's consistent with the tutorial. You can just change mango to yellow if you want for example. 🙂

Band requirements:

I misspoke in the tutorial, I think I missed the bands in the triple row when counting. I'm really sorry about that. 🙁

Approximately 400 bands in total

Dark green: 106 bands (top of pineapple)
Jelly green: 45 bands
Mango: 241 bands
Pink: 2 bands
Black: 1-3 bands (depends if you 7mm pony beads for the eyes)

Wrapped Bands:

(The only color that changes are the bands pulled through the wrapped bands. The wrapped bands themselves are all mango.)

8 with all mango
8 with mango and green

18 with all mango
20 with mango and green

4 with all mango
4 with mango and green

Spike Top:

(These are doubled band single chains.)

*5 that are 5 bands long (cap band plus 4 bands)

*8 that are 6 bands long (cap band plus 5 bands)

*4 that are 7 bands long (cap band plus 6 bands)

Eyes and Cheeks:

I just pulled all mango through one and a mango/green through the other for the alternating effect.

If I miscounted anywhere, please let me know and I will correct it here. I apologize for the miscount in the tutorial for the total bands used.

I do hope you enjoy this adorable Happy Pineapple! There are more on the way! 🙂