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A fantastically adorable pear to add to the Happy Foods! I love how this little guy turned out!

Made all on one loom once again too! This Happy Pear is loomed down instead of being loomed up though! If you have problems getting it all to stay squished down (particularly the last two rows) you can always just loom it “up” and then turn it inside out to have the correct side once you are done!

Also, though I don't think it's necessary, you many want to stuff it

As always, hash tag your foods to #feelinspiffyhappyfood to share them with everyone! Don't forget to get a little silly with them!

Band Requirements:

Pear Body: 216 bands
Leaf: 30 bands
Stem: 10 bands
Cheeks: 2 bands
Eyes: 2 bands or 2 (7mm) pony beads
Mouth: 1 band

I hope you enjoy the cuteness! Because there is more to come! 🙂