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OMG! Smiley food! More adorable mini food! Kawaii inspired! I am in love with the little food! This little guy is made all on one loom too!

I would suggest getting a rug latch hook to make the wrapped bands. It is not necessary to do the tutorial, but it is very helpful!

This tutorial is a little longer, but you can skip through anything you don't need to see! Not everyone is on the same level and I want to make sure that everyone has a good chance of making this adorable guy by being thorough in my explanation! 🙂

Bands needed (assuming my math is correct of course!)

The big one is the florets for the broccoli. You can make as many as you like to put on his head, I made 4.

Each floret takes 78 bands in total:
+24 wrapped bands (48 bands)
+2 end cap
+24 layering
+4 threading

4 florets would be 312 bands total (96 wrapped bands incl. in total)
3 florets would be 234 bands total (72 wrapped bands incl. in total)
2 florets would be 156 bands total (48 wrapped bands incl. in total)

The stalk of the broccoli:
146 bands (includes the bands needed to pull through the eyes and cheeks.

You also need eyes using either beads or wrapped bands.
2 bands if you use wrapped bands
or two beads

You will also need cheeks
2 bands

1 mouth band

1 slip knot band

I hope you love this little guy! He does take some work, but is totally worth it in the end! 🙂