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The fantastic Happy Banana! So adorable!

This is made on the Rainbow Loom. First using all the pin bars for the peels and then I REMOVE the middle pin bar to make it. I tried several different ways to avoid this, but there were just too many bands to squish on there and it is not a design that can be loomed up because of how the peels have to be attached.

I will be coming out with an alternative Happy Banana of sorts so that everyone can still enjoy this idea! That one will be able to be made on any loom!

This design is band heavy. You can reduce the number of bands used by shortening the peel length. I made them long enough to reach the top of the banana, but you do not have to do that. I explain this in the tutorial.

And yes, I made my banana blue! I actually love it! You never have to use the colors I chose, that's what makes a design unique to you! 🙂

Also, I highly recommend putting the slip knots on the peel bands before starting on the top looming. It makes it a LOT easier! 🙂

Band requirements:

Approximately 492 in total

Yellow: 350 (you can reduce this by almost 130 bands by making the peels half their size)

White: 124 white

Brown: 18

I hope you enjoy! There will be more out soon! 🙂