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The latest addition to the Happy Foods! Happy Asparagus! I love asparagus so it's only fitting that I made this too! Pretty easy to make, doesn't take a lot of wrapped bands and is again all on one loom!

Don't forget to hash tag your creations doing silly things to #feelinspiffyhappyfoods ! I love seeing them!

All the band requirements are below:

Total bands used. 186 (+/- 10 top green colors for “leaves)
Top green: 80
Bottom Green: 90
Filler color: 11
Cheeks: 2
Black: 1-3 (depends if you use beads or wrapped bands for eyes

+/- 10 bands for the “leaves” added to the body

Wrapped bands to get ready ahead of time:

ONE band wrapped on single band:
3 top green on top green
3 top green on filler color

TWO bands wrapped on single band:
6 top green on top green
6 top green on filler color

If the above doesn't make sense, please watch the beginning of the tutorial where I ramble on about what it all means. 🙂

Also, I forget to tell you to pause to make the wrapped bands until I get started…sorry about that. : /

I hope you like this guy and there will be more adorable ones to come! 🙂

Don't forget! They always come in bunches! 🙂