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Another fantastic addition to the Happy Food! The amazing Happy Apple is here! I love how this cutie turned out with the shaping!

This is made all on one loom! Yey! But I do drop a lot of bands on the pins in the beginning; it's really only a few more than usual. Once you get past the first ‘layer' it will go much easier! This is again a growing down design (kinda boo!) but it's really only the last row that may seem a bit squishy.

Remember! You don't have to use the same colors that I do! Apples come in lots of colors! Using your own color scheme is what makes it personal to you!

You could also stuff the apple if you wish, it's not necessary as it will hold it's shape, but I know that some of you like to squish things!

Keep hash tagging your foods to #feelinspiffyhappyfood ! I love seeing them! So many fantastic foods to look at!

Band Requirements:

Red: 248
Green: 30
Brown: 10
Pink: 2
Black: 1-3 (depends if you use 7mm pony beads for the eyes)

I hope that you enjoy! There are more coming soon! 🙂