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Hi and welcome to my website. If you love Rainbow Loom like I do, I've tried to collect anything and everything about looming and put it here on this website where you can find the latest and best Loom Video Tutorials created by the best Rainbow Loomers' from around the World. I've created different categories to help you find that certain Loom Bracelet that you've always wanted to try to make. Have fun and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest where I have the biggest and best Loom Boards on the Internet.  

Rainbow Loom Fruit Off The Loom — Banana Charm

How to make the easiest banana charm without a Rainbow Loom. Uses only 12 Rainbow Loom brand rubber bands (10 yellow and 2 brown) and you'll learn to make your own in about 2 minutes! You can use a crochet hook or the hook that came with your Rainbow Loom, CraZLoom,...

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Rainbow Loom Fruit Off the Loom – Strawberry Charm

New loomless design for an easy strawberry fruit charm without a Rainbow Loom. Uses only 11 red or pink loom bands, and 1 rubber band in black, brown or green for the stem. You'll learn how to make your own in about 4 minutes! You can use a crochet hook or the hook...

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Rainbow Loom Letter M Charm Using Just the Hook

Loomless Letter M made using rubber bands and a basic crochet hook. Made without the loom, but you can use the hook that comes with your Rainbow Loom, CraZLoom, Crazy Loom, Wonderloom, Fun Loom or Bandaloom instead of a crochet hook. Copyright © 2014 Made by Mommy...

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